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Aligning with truth is synonymous with HEALING.

Healing Arts Exchange helps people realize their full potential where you can further trust yourself, your heart, and your feelings on a much deeper level. Our passion lay in partnering with those open to identifying beliefs that no longer support and serve our Souls journey today.  Our goal is comfort, peace, and the experience of increased abundance that comes through alignment with divine purpose in life. Our holistic health process is aligned with integrative, complementary, or alternative healthcare methods. Our methodology and philosophy provides many healing benefits for individuals, families, and communities. As our organization grows we will explore, present, and provide further healing solutions for you.

Healing Touch Therapy is one way we help. Touch is a powerful and effective method of restoring the movement of “chi” or energy pathways that raise both our vibration and levels of health.  The reward of doing this energy work can be found in a lighter emotional body and a healthier physical body. People enjoy feeling relaxed, grounded, centered, and rejuvenated after our sessions and this intensifies as you connect with your spirit.

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“The wound is the place where the Light enters you”  Rumi

A Full Range of Holistic Services

Healing Arts Exchange offers services to help clear stuck energies or experiences stored in the physical body allowing us to operate from a more conscious integrated state of being. Energetic and physical touch balances our vibration and natural rhythms allowing for regeneration of mind, body, and soul.

Healing Touch

We use touch as an ‘energy therapy’ that uses gentle hand techniques to help re-pattern the patient’s energy field and accelerate healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Our philosophy is based on the belief that humans are fields of energy that are in constant interaction with others and the environment. We restore harmony to our patient’s energy system.  read more >

Hospice & End of Life

We offer spiritual insights, education, and healing touch for those experiencing chronic conditions or life limiting dis-ease. It is our joy to facilitate comfort and acceptance during a season of rapid change. This service includes and benefits family and loved ones. Offering ‘educational speaking opportunities’ and ‘compassionate healing touch’ work where ever home is.  read more >


We use Astrology to guide intuitive information and healing intention. Birth/natal charts, readings, body points, and other practices help us deeply understand each person by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects and their energy connections here on earth.  read more >

``The Exchange``

Connecting healers with the intention of facilitating our own healing journeys increases resilience while elevating our ability to serve our community. Healers devoted to mentoring the next generation of healers need support. This membership section allows healers to connect and barter/care for each other.

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Healers Caring for Healers

Sheri Thorson has a natural innate drive for regenerative work driven by her own journey through life. She is focused on healing, spirituality, and clearing out lower vibrational energies. Sheri has studied many methods of clearing or “cleansing the body” for over 20  years.

Sheri Thorson - Consultant, Teacher, Nurse, Caregiver, & Healer

Healing Arts Exchange

Sheri works with hospice, elders, adults, youth, and children with many symptoms.

As a consultant she builds relationships, interacts with patients and hospitals, and

teaches others how to use these healing tools so they can be implemented in their own home practices.

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 Healers Supporting Healers (this section allows healers to barter with each other and facilitate your own healing journey’s).

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Package prices available at a 25% reduction. 4 Session package regularly $400, NOW available for $300. (one package per customer) Schedule an appointment today!
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Join the Members section ``The Exchange``.

Healers devoted to mentoring the next generation of healers need support and healing. This membership section allows healers to connect and barter with each other. With the intention of facilitating our own healing journeys we increase resilience while elevating our ability to serve our community.

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